Here I've selected a few projects. Not all hired jobs. I wanted to share things I do at spare time.

───── No current phone number. No social media. Say hi at :) ─────

IDB Series

A serie of documentaries produced at Haiti, Paraguay and other countries, sponsored by the IDB Development Programs.


Torbeck; a craft shipbuilding village at Haiti, 2016.
Sunset timelapse at Asunción, Paraguay, 2017.

IDB Series

At these samples, I sign the production and post-production.

At Haiti, it was a total of 4 short docs produced in 2 weeks, while at Paraguay were 2 docs in 2 weeks.


Sweetest kids ever, I miss them! Haiti, 2016.
Lost school at the heart of Jérémie. Haiti, 2016.

IDB Series

The production company with whom I work as Associate Producer is based at São Paulo, and have produced several contents for private companies and VICE Brasil.


Small teams and lightweight equipments allows us to move fast.Each project has different demands.
A video without sound is like a heart without love. This is where the magic happens.


I was messing around with a low-fy camera at a friend's bikeshop. After editing, a good friend and art director excited about it, created the graphic content. Than I invited 9 different motion artists - and also good friends - to animate it. At the end, the video was a gift for the bikeshop that thanked us with lots of they own craft beer. It was a very happy day for all :D


Meteorological Radar Installation Timelapse

This short movie was shooted with two amazing photography directors, using entirely the timelapse technique, which I’m a worshiper. The right technique allow us to see things that otherwise would never be possible. The right frame interval and camera movements, keep the flow according to the action, no matter if it’s just a couple of minutes or the Milk Way movement axis.


The 3 years I've spent here have change my life. Cafundó Estúdio, 2017.
Projects, deadlines, worries; everything comes and go. The people you share life together; that stays.

Hostgator - How to start a website?

A sample of directing 3D animation, this video was made at the studio I managed for 3 years. What I like about animation, is that in many ways, it still is a craft art. The real challenge is to create a ground for every professional to work at their best.

If also wants to check the studio portfolio, lots of the projects shown were manage by me;



Freestyling one morning with and old camera and my very talented friend, François.


Culture Management talk at Exosphere Program, 2017
Knowledge must be spread! Introduction to editing; go Girl Power!!!

Macro Mundi

A short sample doc which won a prize at Planeta.DOC, an international socioambiental film festival. All produced in 24h.


TV ad for Nestlé

Screenwriting, producing and directing, for making a miracle production of a TV ad with a tiny tiny budget. Nobody really believed it would be possible, but smart choices are stronger than big budgets.


Sometimes it's easier to direct actors than food. So many details...
To direct you need to be able to speak each one's language.

tener un cuerpo es la permanente posibilidad de perder el equilibrio

Every time we chose to break the settled of daily living, we have to face our human fragility. It's necessary to put ourselves at the edge to understand what we are really capable of achiving.

This is a conceptual video which was presented as art installation.


───── S C R E E N W R I T I N G ─────

Screenwriting means write for the screen.

In comparison, a screenplay looks more like a musical score than with a book. The proposal it is not to be a finished product, but a guide for other artists. It is a unique literary form, different from any other tipe of writing.

A film is a story told in a VISUAL and AUDIBLE way. That's why when we screenwrite, we focus on describe what people will SEE and HEAR. A good screenplay still carries emotion, but it is richer in instructions rather than poetics descriptions.

Besides working as a producer, screenwriting has always being a passion where I've found the perfect scenario to mix my field expertise, with the chance to create beautiful ways of telling stories.

My speciality is write with "producible oriented" mindset. Not like someone who writes without having any idea if it will be possible to do, I know exactly what it takes to produce it, and how far a screenplay can go.

Let's create wonder together!


A man needs to travel. By his own means, not by stories, images, books or TV. By his own, with his eyes and feet, to understand what is his. To some day plant his own trees and give them some value. To know the cold to enjoy the heat. To feel the distance and lack of shelter to be well under his own ceiling. A man needs to travel to places he doesn't know to break this arrogance that makes us see the world as we imagine it, and not simply as it is or may be. That makes us teachers and doctors of what we have never seen, when we should just be learners, and simply go see it.

- Amyr Klink

That's everything we own now. Moving to Asia, 2018.
Hidden beach of Naufragados, at my hometown; Florianópolis, 2017.

A man gotta enjoy life! Brasilia, 2016.
"- Hey, do you know if swell is coming tomorrow?" Mozambique, 2016.