I’m an expert in performance. I design and manage systems for projects, organizations, and people to perform at their highest level.

I’m also great with plants. I know how to cultivate the right environment for things to prosper.





PECKDISH is a Brand Management Studio.

We manage hungry tech brands ⚡️

This is my current project as an entrepreneur.


IDB Series

A series of documentaries produced at Haiti, Paraguay, Brazil and other countries, sponsored by the IDB Development Programs.

I am an Associate Producer of Forward Films which is the production company who sign the serie.


IDB Series | The Building of a Nation



I was messing around with a low-fi camera at a friend's bike shop. Then I invited 9 motion design artists to animate one scene each it. The video was a gift for the bike shop :)


Hostgator | How to start a website?

I love directing 3D animation. What I like most about animation, is that in many ways it still is a handcrafted art.

This video was made at Cafundó Creative Studio, which I managed during 3 years.


Meteorological Radar Timelapse

The right technique allows us to see things that otherwise would never be noticed. The right frame interval and camera movements, keep the flow according to the action.

This night we followed the Milk Way movement during the whole night.

Flow Images


Freestyling one morning with an old camera and my very talented friend, François Muleka.

360° Video | Riffel MX Vision

I was the director of this 360° video. It is a product simulation for a virtual reality experience.


Macro Mundi

This short doc was produced in 24h.

This peace won a prize at Planeta.DOC, an international socio-environmental film festival.

tener un cuerpo es la permanente posibilidad de perder el equilibrio

To change, we must put ourselves at the edge. Only like this we can understand how far we can go.

This video was presented as as an art installation.


A man needs to travel. By his own means, not by stories, images, books or TV. By his own, with his eyes and feet, to understand what is his. To someday plant his trees and give them some value. To know the cold to enjoy the heat. To feel the distance and lack of shelter to be well under his own ceiling. A man needs to travel to places he doesn't know to break this arrogance that makes us see the world as we imagine it, and not simply as it is or could be. That makes us teachers and doctors of what we have never seen when we should just be learners, and simply go see it.

- Amyr Klink