I’m an expert in performance. I design and manage systems for projects, organizations, and people to perform at their highest level.

I’m also great with plants. 

I know how to cultivate the right environment for things to prosper.

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Producer | Senior Project Manager


Strongest skills

Leadership  |  Systemic thinking  |  People management


Design & Communication  |  Film & events production  |  Technology

In 2018, I sold everything I had and kept only what fit in my backpack. With $1,200 in my pocket, I moved to Asia without a plan, without speaking the language, or knowing anyone there.

What was supposed to be a 6-month experience turned into a 4-year period living in Bali, Indonesia. Little did I know that I would become an entrepreneur down the road.

Now, as Project Manager for New Business Development at Natural Extremo, I'm focused on launching new operations and developing special projects.

Director @ PECKDISH BRAND AGENCY  |  2019 - 2023

PECKDISH was a brand management agency. It was my first project as an entrepreneur

Together with my partner, we founded the agency while living in Bali, with operations in Brazil, providing services to companies based inside and outside the US

Our motto was:

We manage hungry brands⚡️ 

The agency thrived during 5 years, with an amazing team and a lot of learning experience. 

Now I know how to run a company.

⚓️ Skill: Manager and mentor

I feel inspired working with talented people. At this point I've worked with thousands of professionals from the most different areas you can think of. 

I lead 500+ projects, and put together dozens of teams. Now I feel confident to lead people and guide projects in the right direction. 

I see myself as a multiplier, and I adopt the servant leadership mindset. I create the best possible conditions for everything and everyone to perform at their best.

With time I also got confident mentoring people. Through 1 on 1s and goal setting, I help people grow and develop.

Solid management skills

Solid technical skills


Talent manager @ Cafundó Creative Studio  |  2020 - 2022

While still living in Asia I acted as a consultant for two years for the studio I used to manage back in Brazil.

With the lockdown the company chose to switch to a fully remote operation.

From hiring to performance reviews, I've created the system and the documentation for it all to run smoothly.

To finish the transition cycle, I conducted a 6 weeks Leadership Workshop to prepare the managers to take over after I left.

Crew manager @ Mind the Graph  |  2020 - 2022

Also as a consultant I helped Mind the Graph develop a remote-first culture.

I lead all team related responsibilities during the transition to remote working and internationalization.

Mind the Graph as a startup was incubated at Cafundó Creative Studio. I saw it being born in 2015, and later it's acquisition in 2022.

Once a year we also organize a team retreat where all the team gets together in person.

Surfing, yoga, BJJ ∆

Being active is what brings me focus. It grounds me, keeps me balanced. I've  tried many things and like almost any kind of body-related activity.

But surfing was my first passion, and over 23 years it took me around the world to places and experiences I've never imagined going. 

Later came yoga, and I learned how to control and take proper care of my body. 

I've recently started BJJ, and it's bringing many new learnings and challenges to my life. It requires the kind of mindset I'm looking to cultivate at the moment. 


Uluwatu, Bali - Indonésia, 2020.

Living in Asia  |  2018 - 2021

In 2018 I sold everything I had and kept only what fitted in my backpack. I had 1,200 dollars in my pocket and moved to Asia without a plan, without speaking the language or knowing anyone there.

What was supposed to be a 6 month experience turned into a 4 year period living in Bali, Indonesia. Little did I know that I would become an entrepreneur down the road.

Founding PECKDISH was a way to combine an unusual lifestyle with what I love to do professionally.

Now a new cycle starts. I'm reinventing my life again - just like I did many times before - and it only gets better

A man needs to travel. By his own means, not by stories, images, books or TV. By his own, with his eyes and feet, to understand what is his. To someday plant his trees and give them some value. To know the cold, to enjoy the heat. To feel the distance and lack of shelter to be well under his own ceiling. 

- Amyr Klink

Lifeguard  2017 - 2018

In 2017, when I decided I wanted to move to Asia, I also decided to change my profession. I left my office job to work at the beach as a lifeguard.

It was a way to prepare myself physically and mentally to surf heavy water in Indonesia. It was a rewarding period and I still reap the benefits of this experience to this day.

Associate Producer @ Forward Films  |  2016 - 2017

During two years I worked by contract as Associate Producer of Forward Films, the company who signed this IDB Series.

This production was a series of documentaries shot in Haiti, Paraguay, Colombia, Brazil and other countries, sponsored by the IDB Development Programs. 

Manager @ Cafundó Creative Studio  2014 - 2017

Cafundó Estúdio was probably one of the most significant experiences of my career. The studio works with design, animation and technology. It was there where I was able to mix all my knowledge and raise the bar of my professional level.

The studio develops interactive experiences and this puts me in contact with the craziest and most challenging projects. It was during this period that I consolidated my foundation in technology.

I joined the team to manage projects, but ended up taking over management of the studio as a whole.

From 2D animated series to virtual reality experiences, I did a little bit of everything, but for me to this day the highlight of this experience was working with so many talented professionals as I did.

⚓️ Skill: Director & screenwriter

I have plenty of experience directing for the screen. Either working with actors, interviewing regular folks or directing a scene, I know how to guide a film to the desired outcome.

I also love directing animated videos. What I like most about animation, is that in many ways it still is a handcrafted art.

Hostgator | How to start a website?

I wrote and directed this video that was made at Cafundó Creative Studio.


360° Video | Riffel MX Vision 

I was the director of this 360° video. It is a product simulation for a virtual reality experience.


⚓️ Skill: Speaker and teacher 

I have a true passion for sharing knowledge.

I spent practically 10 years in academia and thought I would become a teacher. Although I didn't pursue this path, I had many experiences as a teacher and speaker.

Often I receive feedback that I'm good at explaining things clearly. People generally enjoy my calmness and teaching style.

I still think about working as a teacher, but at the moment I'm more focused on my career.

⚓️ Skill: Film producer

At this point I've been a producer on over 250 video projects

I'm very organized, and keep my cool under pressure, probably two of the most important characteristics that allow me to confidently say I'm a great producer.

Here I share some productions I've selected not necessarily because of the final product, but the production story behind it.


I was messing around with a low-fi camera at a friend's bike shop. Then I invited 9 motion design artists to animate one scene each. The video was a gift for the bike shop :)


Meteorological radar timelapse

I love to produce time-lapse films.

The right technique allows us to see things that otherwise would never be noticed. The right frame interval and camera movements keep the flow according to the action. 

This night we followed the Milky Way movement for the whole night.

Flow Images

Macro Mundi

This short doc was produced in 24h.

This piece won a prize at Planeta.DOC in 2014, an international socio-environmental film festival. 

MBA in project management  |  2015 - 2016

This MBA couldn't have come at a better time. After being active in the market for a few years, I felt the need to become a specialist

I was able to apply all my knowledge into practice, in one of the most productive times of my career.

Bachelor in visual arts  |  2011 - 2014

After studying advertising and cinema, I decided to pursue a degree in Visual Arts. I wanted to connect with the origins, learn the fundamentals.

I discovered sculpture and contemporary art, which changed the way I see the world. I continued working with video, something I really enjoy.


Freestyling one morning with an old camera and my very talented friend, François Muleka.

tener un cuerpo es la permanente posibilidad de perder el equilibrio

In order to change, we must put ourselves at the edge. It's the only way we can understand how far we can go. 

This video was presented as an art installation

Producer @ Cine+TV  |  2009 - 2011

This was my first professional experience with film production. I produce TV commercials, institutional videos, educational videos, all kinds of things.

In addition to being able to learn a variety of formats, I was able to perform a little bit of all functions on a production team. That's how I solidified my work as a producer.

Cursos técnicos SENAC

For this production, we did a casting with dozens of actors and the agency didn't like any of them.

Besides being the producer of the videos, I ended up as an actor in the campaign. I think they liked my style with long hair. Check that out.

Cinema production program | Chile 2008 - 2009 

Once I discovered film production, I wanted to learn the fundamentals. I spent a year studying cinema at the Universidad Mayor, in Chile.

The level of teaching at the university was incredible, with classes taught by industry-recognized professionals. The program director was the most awarded film director in the country.

To this day it remains one of the most impactful experiences of my life. It was my first time outside Brazil. 

Surfing was what led me to choose the destination. But through the people I met, I discovered the world.

Bachelor in communication | 2005 - 2008

At college I discovered film production. I found something I was good at and enjoyed doing.

My first job came from there, my teacher invited me to work at her production company.

My fields of study were Advertising and Cinema.

ESPN | Emotion and sports

This was my first video ever during college. To this day I'm friends with Sung (the beardless actor). He is an incredible audio producer and we continue to work together.

Events production - The foundation | 2005 - 2012

At the same time I started college, I also started working with my father producing sporting events.

It was through this experience that I discovered that I am good at "organizing" things and people. 

The fundamentals I learned there are still valid. To this day, event production continues to be one of my strongest skills.

Tennis Camp with Carlos Goffi

Video of one of the events we produced, the Tennis Camp with coach Carlos Goffi.

My first gig - Tennis instructor

Starting as a teenager my first paid gig was as a tennis instructor

I taught lessons to resort guests especially during the holiday season. 

It was a way I found to support myself during college. Was also an amazing learning experience about dealing with people.

Around the world

I never imagined that I would travel the world. I can't believe how lucky I am to have been able to visit all the places I've ever been. Still, I feel like I'm just getting started.

Countries I lived in or visited: Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Peru, El Salvador, Argentina, Paraguay, Haiti, Mozambique, Portugal, Turkey, Bosnia, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines.

Thank you for exploring my work. 

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